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I want to state for the record that not all atheists are trolls.  Just this one.


 commented on a video on YouTube.

Shared publicly  –  Apr 18, 2014

what alternative hypothesis do you have? Please provide the peer reviewed research that disproves The Theory of Evolution. Thanks for any honest, academic and falsifiable research/citations.

 Michael Meridius Apr 18, 2014

+NephilimFree I’ve told you before Nephy, if you are going to *reply with wilfully ignorant, arrogant and demonstrably fallacious claims, then you’re done. Your act is old, tired, and out of date. Much like your  ancient, plagiarising bible, and the supernatural god characters within.
Now you may  demonstrate your predictively dishonest *reply, should you choose to validate my claims about you Nephy.

Bruce Burns

Yesterday 11:06 PM

Peer review is a somewhat dodgy standard as presuppositions are required before publication is allowed.  There are a few peer-reviewed scientific journals, run by creationists (with professional degrees in the sciences) simply because the label “creationist” will bar you from publication.  Therefore it becomes the sort of “All scientists agree with me, and the definition of scientist is that they agree with me.” circular argument.

+Bruce Burns WOW! You demonstrate a very clear example of not knowing what you are actually talking about. I suggest you actually look up what the “scientific method” is and why it is used etc. You then demonstrate more of your ignorance by not even knowing “creationism” does not even meet the criteria of a Hypothesis. This is why it is in fact pseudo-science, a religious claim that god created and intelligently designed all life. This is of course a totally unfounded and fallacious claim made by the religious. It is also Unconstitutional and illegal to be taught in science classes because it is not science. Now please try to keep up and educate yourself as to what is real and what is false. That way, you would realise that your god is also a failed hypothesis. If you disagree, provide your evidence for peer review.

+Bruce Burns My emotional point of view is of little consequence as to whether I’m right or wrong. If you talk nonsense, such as your “alternative viewpoints”. There are no alternatives to the theory of Evolution, especially any religious claim. Now again I ask you, what evidence do you have that refutes my (failed god/failed creation I.D. claim?) Oh, and my claim that “creation” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL?
Don’t hide behind anymore excuses and don’t rely on the creation website you linked as they are a laughing stock amongst the scientific community, as their  creation /god research is not scientific. Hence it is not published in reputable journals etc..
Now what evidence do you have for your supernatural god and its “creations”?

Bruce Burns

11:19 AM

It is amusing how your many claims inform one another.

For example, having provided you with the required data, you supply the rebuttal: “Other scientists make fun of them.”

Perhaps had you demonstrated an attitude other than that of a petulant child holding a tantrum, I might be willing to throw more of my finite time and energy your way.  Verbally stomping your feet in no way compels me to do anything more than this.

“Hey look, guys, a god-hating troll.  The common North American Troll is not on the endangered species list, but we can hope some day it might be.”

Have the fruit of your beliefs.  You stomp your feet and insist that you are a meaningless accidental compilation of chemicals that happens to be self aware. I don’t argue with my vegetable soup, either, because its opinion is largely irrelevant.

Though it is far more polite and respectful in inanimate silence than you are in your bile-spewing.

+Bruce Burns What data did you supply from a “creationist website” to verify your “creationist” claim? Nothing at all, not one example that disproves The Theory of Evolution or even that creationism is scientific.
If you still fallaciously claim otherwise, then give me the details as to what demonstrates creationism is not a failed hypothesis. Then you can give me the evidence for your supernatural entity. Oh lets not forget that you are unable to refute the fact that “creationism/I.D. is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
Now either provide me and the scientific community with your contrary evidence or keep bitchin about being butt hurt. Guess what I predict, you will cite no evidence to the contrary and you will continue to claim the Atheists are calling me out on my fallacious god claims and it’s not fair they mock my (+Bruce Burns) (wilful) ignorance. Boohoo 😦

Bruce Burns

1:45 PM

You asked for peer reviewed creationism.
I showed you a peer reviewed journal written by scientists who are creationists.

I particularly enjoyed the article by the Canadian Theoretical physicist Mary Beth De Repentigny on supersymmetry’s strengths and weaknesses in string theory cosmology from the 2008 article, and I still remember getting a bad grade on a differential equations quiz because I spent all weekend digging into an article on micro diamond formation in tectonic ridges observed, and its inferences for geological change rates.

That article, by Meteorologist Michael Oard was critiqued the next article by Dr. John Baumgardener, who holds a Ph.D. in geophysics.

That is peer review, and what ten minutes of research could turn up.  Professionals with actual science degrees, CV’s, engaged in peer review.

Personally some of the science is over my head since my college’s Physics program (which was my original degree path) closed down due to budget cuts.  So I only got through Diff-EQ and multivariable calculus for the math.

That is peer review.

What’s your degree in, oh enlightened one?

+Bruce Burns So the creationist scientists you cited confirmed “creation science”? WOW! If that’s the case they must have received their Nobel and Templeton Prize’s by now. Can you give me the details on how they disproved The Theory of Evolution and replaced it with the “creationist” pseudo science? I can hardly wait for the world changing evidence that verifies your fallacious god/creation/I.D. claims.

Bruce Burns

4:04 PM

Here you go, troll.

Other Nobel Prize Winners on Intelligent Design and Fine Tuned Universe

ALBERT EINSTEIN, Nobel Laureate in Physics (he believed in a God like Spinoza did, but a God who design echoed throughout the universe)
MAX PLANCK, Nobel Laureate in Physics
WERNER HEISENBERG, Nobel Laureate in Physics
ERWIN SCHRÖDINGER, Nobel Laureate in Physics
ROBERT MILLIKAN, Nobel Laureate in Physics:
CHARLES TOWNES, Nobel Laureate in Physics
ARTHUR SCHAWLOW, Nobel Laureate in Physics
WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Nobel Laureate in Physics
SIR WILLIAM H. BRAGG, Nobel Laureate in Physics
GUGLIELMO MARCONI, Nobel Laureate in Physics
ARTHUR COMPTON, Nobel Laureate in Physics
ARNO PENZIAS, Nobel Laureate in Physics
ALEXIS CARREL, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
SIR JOHN ECCLES, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
JOSEPH MURRAY, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
SIR ERNST CHAIN, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
GEORGE WALD, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology (note: he has quotes which defend atheism & deism)
SIR DEREK BARTON, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
CHRISTIAN ANFINSEN, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
WALTER KOHN, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Bruce Burns

4:05 PM

And… did you mention your degree?
Got a reason to show me you’re worth more time, or just spewing more bile?

Bruce Burns

4:06 PM

Do you even have ANY college degree while you sit in judgment of people who do?

+Bruce Burns Remind me, which one of the scientists you list that answered my question of, “Can you give me the details on how they disproved The Theory of Evolution and replaced it with the “creationist” pseudo science? OH! What’s that Bruce, not a SINGLE scientist has EVER CLAIMED or DEMONSTRATED creationism is a science that disproved The Theory of Evolution and confirms creation as an alternative theory. So why lie about it?
Again I ask you to explain why “creationists” have not received the Nobel or Templeton Prize for their revolutionary, world changing discoveries? Because creationism is not science, and they have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to verify their fallacious claims. Do you even know what the scientific method is? If you did you would be aware that creationism does not meet the criteria for a hypothesis. Why is this fact so hard for you to understand? So there is no misunderstanding Bruce, can you tell me what a hypothesis is, and why you think “creationism” meets the criteria. Then we can discuss things further. Thanks.

Bruce Burns

5:23 PM

Let me use small words that are easy to grasp.
Talk goes two ways.  You want an answer.  Give one or buzz off.

Your generalization is stupid.  I give you a list of creationist and ID Nobel prize winners for science.  You say no scientist has ever claimed or demonstrated that creation is correct and evolution is disproven.

So… basically you can’t read, or can’t understand the list I just gave you.

They are scientists.  They believe in evolution or ID.

You are disproven.  Shouting “nuh-uh” repeatedly just makes you look retarded.

You aren’t taking any information.  So take your pseudo-intellectual hamster wheel and go away while the grown-ups exchange ideas.  Which is where information goes both way.

Like, for example:

You’ve ignored a simple question three times, while I have actually provided data while you shout and whine.

So you’re making repeated verbal thrusts for your own benefit without engaging anyone else in any meaningful way.

I’m not Catholic, but if you’re going to intellectually masturbate can you not do it in public, or our public?

+Bruce Burns You are a demonstrable liar! You have NEVER mentioned ONE scientist who EVER demonstrated that “creationism” is scientifically proven, is an actual science or that creationism disproved The Theory of Evolution. Not a single one EVER, so why do you blatantly lie?
Please cite just ONE piece of research that demonstrates your ignorant and fallacious claim, just ONE SINGLE example? You can’t can you. You don’t even know what the scientific method is, or what a hypothesis is.
Please, do try and keep up as you clearly don’t know what you are (failing) talking about. Come back to me when you stop talking demonstrable nonsense.
If you can’t produce just a single example, then you are just making shit up. If you knew what you were talking about you would not make such elementary scientific errors.
It is quite obvious that you need to do some research, learn what science and the scientific method means. Additionally, you are embarrassingly unaware what a fallacy is.
For someone like you, who claims so much (without an atom of evidence) you do talk a lot of unsubstantiated bullshit. I thought you said you went to school? Now either cite the EVIDENCE or keep quite until the educated adults have finished speaking.

Bruce Burns

6:08 PM

sorry, my moron filter is active.  Please submit a CV (that means curriculum vitae, which is educated speak for “works of your life”, or what professionals use for street cred) to be worth more time.

As a bonus cookie to feed the foul-mouthed troll:
Dr. Henry Morris, Ph.D. in Hydrogeology, (that is what is called a terminal degree in the field.  Terminal doesn’t mean cancer, like whatever rotted your manners away, but as in there is no higher level of scientific education in his field.)  He has published several books on the point you requested.

Books, for a help, are codexes, bound bits with paper in between full of knowledge.

You asked for just one. Not sure at this point you can count higher.

Now, since you’re obviously mentally challenged, I will spell this out slowly.

You.  Need.  To.  Earn. More.  Answers.

What is your degree?  You’ve given name-calling a go.  Since you haven’t demonstrated the basic rules of etiquette or logic, you have yet to convince me you’re worth more precious air.

+Bruce Burns So you concede you don’t have a single atom to verify your unfounded and fallacious claims. Well then my work here is done, since you are a demonstrable LIAR who can’t provide a SINGLE example that demonstrates “creationism” is a science, or ANYONE who can prove The Theory of Evolution is false. How stupid and uneducated are you to claim otherwise? Answer, a religiously creatarded failure, who pretends and fails to know WTF THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. You could not even pass a rudimentary class in science, so your educational claims are highly suspicious. Did you receive your education from a creationist website and then paid $100 to receive a postal degree? Either way you are verifiably ignorant, uneducated and generally scientifically incompetent. No wonder you could not produce a SINGLE citation. Typical religious bullshitter who got called out!

Bruce Burns

7:17 PM

Dear hallucinating troll.
Whom are you trying to convince?  I mean anyone who reads this can scroll upwards and find the references I provided, so it cannot be other readers.
You obviously aren’t going to convince me by calling me names as opposed to exchanging ideas.
So… shouting so loud to convince yourself?

I have answers.
To get them, you need only to answer my question.

+Bruce Burns So stop being a demonstrable liar who can’t provide a single scientist who claims to have demonstrated “creationism” is a science, or The Theory of Evolution is false. How many more times are your going to demonstrably LIE and be unable to provide a SINGLE citation to the contrary. You were called out for your bullshit and now you are butt hurt! What a fraud you evidentially have proven yourself to be Bruce. Why can’t you be honest and just admit you can’t prove jack shit? Answer: your ignorance, arrogance, lack of education and the ability to be reasonable, logical and honest. That’s why cretard!

Bruce Burns

7:57 PM

Look mom, the troll is using caps locks and name calling when name calling alone didn’t work.  He must therefore be right.