I have many things to say about why I do not find Christianity acceptable.  The most potent for me is that the Christian god is silent (at least, to me).  At face value that is a non-relationship and it creates a general atmosphere of unreality to everything important in Christian mythology.

This quote comes from a beloved zombie.  (He’s dead.  But he’s walking around making noises and doing stuff.)  It’s a quote about why he killed himself (gave up the faith, left Christ behind, broke his confirmation vows, dishonored his parents who raised him in faith and love, etc.).

God is not silent.

He wanted so badly to speak to us that he became us and walked around, talking all the time.  We have the Sparks Notes version written down in the Gospels by eyewitnesses.

God speaks through his word.  It is a letter, preserved against all odds and against active attack for three thousand plus years.

God speaks through nature (some), just enough to reveal that he exists and he is present.

And for supernatural special effects, Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing the “hrema = spoken word” of God.

Do you want to hear a prophet?  Open the Bible.  Speak its words out loud.  You are prophesying.  You are speaking the Word of God.  You are a prophet.  No one with access to a Bible, literacy, and speech must go a single hour without the spoken Word of God directly to him, with the assurance that it will create faith, an act of supernatural power.

Seriously, tried this on someone who had prepared to rape me once.  It worked awesome.