The first frightening thought of the Lord’s Prayer are the opening words.

“Our Father who are in heaven.”

To keep it brief:
God the Father did not take my vote about his gender or his role.  He is in charge, and Jesus who was and is God teaches us to refer to him as a He.  Tough cookies to political correctness or logic.  To call God something other than male is to deny the Lord the very right to self-determination and self-expression.

God in Heaven is terrifying, because it frames the dialogue.  This is not a conversation with a malleable byproduct of my will or metaphysical fashion.  It is not an aspect of tradition or a flirtation with guided imagining.  God, Commander of Heavenly Armies, and Supreme Sole Authority, is on the other side of this telephone call.

It is great and wonderful that he invites me to call him father.  But if Chuck Norris was my father, he would not cease to be Chuck Norris.

This means I don’t get to make the rules.  I don’t get to take multiple-choice interpretations of what comes after.  God Himself (Jesus) is sharing how to relate to God Himself (God the Father), and I would be several kinds of dipshit to think I could second-guess or rules-lawyer the Almighty.