am doing a series on the Lord’s Prayer, which I find wonderful and terrifying.  This is the most recent installment.

“Give us today our daily bread.” the Lord’s Prayer says.

I have no fear in this one, but a great and wonderful joy.

Now, when I say Joy I am not talking about happy back-flip feelings.  I am speaking of a rock-solid foundation emotionally that is raised up from the rest of the world.

God provides.  God gives us what we need each day.  In the same sermon on the mount Jesus says not to worry about what we will eat and wear, because God knows that we need these things, but to seek first the kingdom of God and the rest will be added on.

Jesus said elsewhere that his bread was to do his Father’s will.  Confronting Satan in the wilderness he said that man does not live only by bread but by God’s Word.

Even though I am far from perfect, God causes rain to fall on the evil and the good.  I mean, he gives good things even to his enemies, how much more for those on his side?

This verse gives me peace, not fear.  It is always good to know that the mind that created more stars than I can mathematically comprehend has an accounting book for my personal needs, and makes sure that they are filled according to his will.

Of course, I am a sinful human being.  God and I frequently disagree on what I need.

God is always right.  Because I am a sinner it will often feel wrong.  He is right anyway.

This time, he is right when he promises to provide for me daily, and invites me to ask him for my daily bread.

I do like the fact that I am not invited to ask for my daily Ferrari, my daily lottery ticket, my daily job, or position, or experience, but my daily bread.  It is both an encouraging statement and a humbling one because it points out the difference between the things that I want, and the things that I need.

And of course there is the Small Catechism point that this portion of the prayer reminds us to be thankful and kind to God for his great gifts to us every day.