I am not in favor of Gay Marriage.  I think it is a trap that will help keep people in a painful, destructive position longer than they have to be.  Homosexual people are created by God, unique, frequently sensitive, wonderful, and affectionate who absolutely deserve to be loved and cherished as the children of God that they are.

Homosexual activity is one of the most destructive things I can think of.  40+ times the rate of AIDS, nearly 50+ times the incidence of syphilis, higher rates of cancer, suicide, drug use, and even abuse by their own partners (domestic abuse).  Gay marriage didn’t prevent a suicide rate over eight times the national average in the Netherlands, one of the most gay-friendly places in the world.


I’m not worried about gay marriage in America, not because it’s a good thing, but because of worse ones.

Only about 1.5% to 2.5% of the population is homosexual.  Most of those people will not get married, and a recent study I’ve heard of places the ex-gay community at nearly twice the size of the homosexual community.  The gay community is loud, demanding, frequently verbally and physically abusive, and as hypocritical as a Mormon marijuana dealership on issues like GIVING tolerance, acceptance, or embracing different viewpoints.  When was the last time you heard of the gay lobby protesting about homosexual defacing a church, or the religious freedom to NOT do what they demand the right to do?

The simple fact is that I’m not going to crusade or stress about gay marriage because fifty times as many people suffer outside the homosexual community in the sordid, trashy mess that we’ve made out of heterosexual marriage.  

We passed No-Fault Divorce.  That means that OUR sexual immorality is legal, publicly recognized, and THEIR sexual immorality has to be barely tolerated.

I fear God too much to try to institutionalize hypocrisy.  I want people delivered from the homosexual life.  But I think that Revival starts WITHIN the body of Christ not outside of it.  Until we are willing to deal with the destructive sins that hit fifty times more people, people with POPULAR sexual attractions instead of UNPOPULAR ones, then we don’t have the integrity before God or the law to effect real change.

You oppose gay marriage?  Great.  So do I.  Do you know where the solution starts?

There’s this log in your eye…