Nothing super deep today.

I thought about the perpetual presence of Christ today, not the idea that Christ will never leave or forsake us.  We have that promise and the living Word of God will never prove false.

Today I pondered about the comfortable presence of Christ in my life.  I see married folks, large families, and have lived in circumstances where privacy just didn’t exist.  You see people so used to the presence of others around that they don’t even blink.  With my family (between 2 and 5 kids at home at any given time, sometimes with extra spouses.  

Christ lives with me, with us.  He has been there for every moment of your life.  He will be there for every moment of your life.  There is no one, not your spouse, not your best friend, not your conjoined twin who is closer to you than the one who knows your every thought and mind.

There is grace and God’s love, not slapped onto life like a coat of paint, but woven through the walls like support beams.

God is there when you shower and when you sleep.  He’s listening to your thoughts as you ramble off to bed and when you gear up for the day ahead on the way to work.

You cannot hide any of your faults, your sins, or your temptations from the One who is literally within you if you are Christian.  BUT our great High Priest has been tempted in every way.  And he doesn’t just know your faults, but he knows how you came by them, how you deal with them, and he’s on your team.

Like an old married couple with no sense of shame around each other, we need have no shame in Christ.

On our own, we would have nothing but disgust, guilt, and shame.  But his love so purifies us, his love for us and his righteousness that he won for us at the cross, that he best and most loving spouse is only a symbol of the closeness and fellowship we have been granted in Christ with his grace.

So whether your day is the greatest or the worst, he is there.  When you look like a million dollars or your pajamas would give people nightmares, he is just as much on your side.  When you have just honored your ancestors and when you’re beating your chest saying, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner,” he is there for you.




Just a reminder.