Today’s is a quick thought.

If I were not single, I might not have to depend so hard or focus so much on the presence of Christ in my hourly life.

The physical loneliness that I encounter is but a reflection of the ionic inclination of my negatively charged soul towards a positively charted Divinity.

I was made for Christ’s love and fellowship.  The fact that my mortal senses cannot yet perceive it does not change its reality.  When was the last time I perceived a lepton?  I’m freaking constructed of them…

But, driving by this perceptible lack of presence, I turn to the Presence until I find peace.

Then I drift off to sleep as the Spirit dwells within me, Jesus abides with me, and the Father watches over me.  And none of them complain if I fart or pick my nose.

Man, that’s grace.

Just saying…