Here is an excellent and open article on the pain of self-centered theology and the joy of the unyielding truth of God’s grace, word, and visible sacraments.

Gospel Unity - For the glory of His name and the comfort of His people

I’m an emotional dude. I mean heck, I do musical theatre. I *almost* cried at the end of the movie Marley and Me (who didn’t?). All humans are emotional. It’s a natural part of who we are. It’s how we are made.

I grew up in a pretty charismatic church (at least I think so), and especially in the youth ministry I attended, emotions ruled the day. That’s what all the services were about. If you didn’t *feel* God, then did you really have an encounter with Him?

Needless to say, that scared little 14 year old me. I was told I didn’t have enough faith, that I should just pursue God with all that I am, following His commands, changing the world, and that I would feel Him in all that. But see, how could I?

My faith wasn’t exactly rock solid: Everything they were saying I wasn’t experiencing…

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