Oh my.  Today in Haidong Gumdo I got a very… demanding compliment.  Promotion is in two weeks.  The assistant teacher going over forms decided that I knew the promotion one well enough that she pulled me out of line and showed me the next form.  Then she went back to the rest of the class and left me to run through it on my own.  I did.  For half an hour non-stop.  Non-dancers or martial artists will have to take my word for it that I was soaked from head to toe.

But it was very cool.

I made it to church all right today, which was always nice.

On the drive out to Gumdo today Shoulder Shark and I talked about the differences in theology and how it effects interpretations.

In briefest terms: If God is here to make us happy here on Earth (forget Job), then whenever his commands lead us to suffer, to sacrifice, then we must reinterpret that in light of our happiness.

In other worlds… our selves and our feelings become our guides to God’s Word, instead of God’s Word overlord of our selves and feelings.