Everyone is so surprised that the Supreme Court has refused to listen to cases about Gay Marriage.

Everyone is even more surprised that things have been so quiet on conservative circles afterwards.

Well, I’m not a conservative, mostly because they would never have me, though many of my Bible-informed ideas fall in line with theirs.

I’m not surprised though.  The silence makes total sense to me.

What’s there to shout about?

The courts demanded gay marriage.
People voted against it.
The courts overturned the votes.
People voted to change the constitutions of their states, so that the state courts would not have grounds to overturn them.
The courts overturned the changes to the constitution.
People sued, to fight the battle in court.
The courts have decided that the people’s side isn’t even worth hearing.

Democracy hasn’t worked.  Appeals to the judicial oligarchy has failed.  The law says that the people don’t get to make the laws about this issue.

So… the choices, when there is no method of legal advancement are concession or conflagration.  I will take reticent silence over rebellion any day.

I have swung by coverage of the issue on Twitter, and there was such vile, bigoted, name-calling, profane, obscenity… from the right… that the right cannot be Right.  Man’s hatred does not bring about God’s righteousness.

I have heard right wing political people say that this is the end of the country.

Really?  Because the year I was born 25% of us were aborted.  And America is still going.
We ripped marriage apart from the 1960’s on with no-fault divorce.  America is still going.
My family farm was in a county in Ohio that had its own chapter of the KKK.  America is still going.  (They stayed away from me and my black Muslim best friend because of the family shotgun.)


No that can’t be right.


America is DOOOMED.

Hypocrites.  Get to extracting your own damned logs or shut the fuck up about other people’s.  Man’s anger does not bring about the righteousness that God requires.  And the straight-married-breeding people have too many sinful logs in their eyes to talk smack.

Or… are you upset because God hasn’t underwritten your….

sex before marriage, pornography using, marijuana smoking, drunkenness chasing, profanity spewing, lying to believers, church discipline abandoning, forgiveness blaspheming, abortion funding, parent cursing, church gossiping, brother hating, Earth worshiping, money worshiping, doctrine abandoning…

hypocritical attack on an easy target and helped you beat up on 1.5% to 2.5% of the population while you ignore the anti-family, anti-Christian, blasphemy you live and spew every single day.

But it’s ok because EVERYBODY does your sins?

I’m not disagreeing with you.  I think that gay marriage is a sin.  But it isn’t your sin.  So go tend to your sins.  Then God may listen to you about the sins of others.

Just saying that this little season of STFU is a nice break from the perpetual hypocrisy I bathe in every Sunday.

Just because society calls your sexual immorality single motherhood and fawns over you doesn’t make you any more righteous than a gay married couple.

If you were really serious about your sin you wouldn’t have time to worry so much about others.