My God Thought for the day is about vocation: 
If God showed up and asked us to move to Uruguay and spread the Gospel, most of us would feel honored, and try energetically to figure out how to make that happen.  But when God gives us a day job, give us paperwork to do instead of a village to save, gives me a piece of metal to de-burr instead of a Bible Camp to run… is it less?  Or do I need to work to have the humility that Jesus, my feudal overlord, loves me where I am, and cares about what I’m doing.  The Bible passage that goes through my head is the one about the different parts of the body.  I am not less a part of the body because my life no longer has glory, or much in the way of prospects.  God calls me to try to work quietly with my hands, and beyond all to believe in him whose grace can and does save me.