2014 contained yet another false accusation from a liberal woman against a conservative group of young men, the accusation of deliberate and collective rape.  Shocking!  The woman, a political activist, proved to have fabricated the entire story, and the conservative fraternity was exonerated.

So what was the collegiate reaction?  Did they rally new procedures to protect men from false and potentially life-destroying accusations of sexual assault?  Did they, perhaps resort to a strange and foreign-to-colleges principle of innocent until proven guilty?

Nope.  UVa decided to pass new restrictions and rules against the innocent, falsely accused people instead.

I’m just saying, folks, that people’s actions will betray their intents and desires.  Statists, correctly or incorrectly, believe that centralized authority (themselves, preferably) is the greatest provider of good.  Good choices can and must be dictated.  Correct and incorrect thoughts must be relegated by speech codes and additional criminal punishments for those whose feelings are verboten.

The best way for the university, which leaped to preemptively punish the falsely accused, to draw attention away from its travesty of right and wrong, its attack upon the innocent, and the rush to judgment on any on the opposite side of the political aisle (McCarthy was a piker compared to most university faculty lounges), was to keep pointing the finger at the innocent.

UVa has passed a slew of new regulations on fraternities and sororities.  Now, I’m not a frat guy, and most sorority women make me feel sorry for their parents, but that doesn’t give me the right to dictate their life choices.

It doesn’t give UVa the right to do so, either.

Unfortunately, all UVa needs is the power.

Which it has, and none of the supposed freedom-loving people on the left are going to protest one little peep, as long as the freedoms lost are lost by their enemies.


Post Script: I might suggest, so long as those in academia are so keen to flex their legislative muscles, that we take a page out of the Law (because they threw the Gospel right out).  Wouldn’t it be nice if false accusers enjoyed the punishment they tried to arrange for their victims?  That was God’s suggestion, anyway.