I’m pooped.

For the past two days I have run three separate mills at the same time at the factory where I work.

I’m not complaining about the work.  I’m happy and blessed to have work.  I find work producing for the aerospace industry a source of pride (part of the national economy) and blessing (whom God gives a position, they serve God by working hard at whatsoever position they have from Him).  Also, the parts and jobs I am working on are simply cool looking and neat.  Aluminum is sharp (my fingers are crisscrossed with cuts) but beautiful if machined correctly.

But I am physically fatigued from the mental focus required to multitask with industrial mills.  It is an odd feeling since the work this week has not been physically demanding in the slightest.

May God grant me enough rest to go back and give it my all tomorrow!

It would also be very good if God got my lazy, fat, aging arse out of bed in time for some sword dancing before work.  My earthly master has broached the question of financing my own master’s exam, and I would dearly love to have my own school, but there are a great many hurdles in the way.

The most immediate hurdle is my quest to form a shape other than apple or pear, and the self-discipline to keep at it.

Down to 248 from 278 at college graduation.  Maximum acceptable goal is 208. Much work remains, though I need new pants.  These are about ready to fall off.

Sorry for typos.  My fingers are covered in bandages.