Why am I not actively pursuing new opportunities to write to prisoners?

Because of the world I live in.

I can’t point people to Grace when all the Christians live like grace is a joke.
I can’t encourage people with forgiveness of God when “forgiveness” can mean = f… off, because so what if God forgives them?  They can still go to hell…
I can’t invite new people to come to church with me when the Church visible says, “God forgives, you, and we will forever label you as whatever sins we know.”

According to the church, the Bible is a lie.

And i can endure that, but I can’t figure out how to endorse it.

How can I bring a sinner to church when the church will gossip. lie, slander, and cheat sinners… i mean, they’re not like us, right?  As long as it is not sin to wrong evil people, we haven’t just forgotten that God cares how we treat the very least of his people, but we’ve forgotten that we ARE the evil people.