I have a bad habit of pulling a Weird Al and appropriating the tunes of pagan/secular songs I get stuck in my head but don’t feel comfy singing.

Found my old lyrics notebook, and this one was in it.  The tune is from Final Fantasy X’s “Hymn of the Fayth.”

Hymn of the Faith -Bruce Burns 2002

Weak and wary, chained and stained by sin
of hand and heart, I have given in.
I deserve your wrath and your punishment.

In the shadow of the Cross of Christ
I see that he was the sacrifice.
You gave Him to die out of love for me.

God have mercy.  Wash me white as snow.
Renew my heart.  Let your Spirit flow,
Teaching me to love and to live for you.

Then let my life all your love proclaim.
Show all the world, life rests in your name,
So that when you call, all may come to you.