Found my old Lyrics notebook going through paperwork today.  I wrote this volunteering on a Youth Group trip to the Iron Range with Victory Lutheran Church.

“Lord, I Seek You.”  (To the tune of Bonny Portmore) -Bruce Burns, 2002.

Lord I seek you in the morning before the sun has kissed the Earth.
Father hear me in the stillness as the day begins its birth.
Just as I see the red horizon, color my heart from up above.
Give me faith as that of a child.  Make my life a work of love.

Lord I seek you in the noontime, when the sun is burning bright.
Let me honor you in my labor, let me serve with all my might.
Teach me to shine my light for others by the power of your grace.
Teach me to humbly bow and worship.  Let my life reveal your face.

Lord I seek you at the sunset, at the fading of the light.
Make me thankful for a day’s blessings and the coming of the night.
Give me time to pray and praise you, time to learn your Holy Word.
Let me fear no darkness or danger, trusting you to be my guard.

Lord I seek you in the evening as I prepare to close my eyes.
Let your light shine through the darkness, showing love in earthly skies.
Then as I rest from all my labor, help me know that sleep will come.
And when I close my eyes forever, Jesus come and take me home.

I drive past that campsite every Sunday on the way to martial arts.  The kids are long since grown up, and the faces turned to strangers’, but it does help me remember to pray for those I lived among and still care about, from long ago.