I can love my country without celebrating it.

I was born the first year that abortion became legal.  That year, and every year since, the American people have stood by and done nothing while one quarter of our children were murdered before they drew their first breath.

Conceived out of wedlock, as most of the murdered children were, I won the first genocidal lottery just by making it to see the sun in 1975.

Most of the children we legally butcher are from minority households, just as genocidal racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger intended.

A hundred years after we fought to free blacks from a racist slave state, we re-created a racist slave state in the welfare system that has destroyed the black family, wrapped Native Americans and Blacks in perpetual semi-educated states of poverty.  Both political parties are willing to leave them there rather than stir them to awareness of their class-based slavery.  The Democrats because they run the slave farm, the Republicans because their principles don’t extent beyond their voting base.

I love the dead dream of our constitution, but it does not exist.  There are no inalienable rights, and the bill of rights lies dead.  The “free press” has become the political arm of a single socialist agenda that betrays every principle they espouse when their political masters are on the line.  The right to bear arms is restricted at every possible chance, never restored to a disarmed and thereby subjugated minority of the population.

With more than a 90% approval rate for covert surveillance on American citizens under the Patriot Act, the right to privacy only extends as far as an abortion clinic.  Take with that the right to due process, and the right to face an accuser as long as the name terrorist is involved.  (Don’t worry, Christians, Republicans, and Tea Party Members are on various Terrorist lists published by and adopted by portions of the government, but as long as it doesn’t take away your rights, personally…)

American now imprisons a larger percentage of its population than Communist Russia ever did (admittedly we aren’t executing or torturing half so many to death).  Fifty years ago felons paid their debts to society, got their freedom back, and could go to college, become doctors, lawyers, or any number of productive members of society.  Now we have actual shanty towns and even an exile village in Florida for people like sex offenders, whom everyone knows don’t deserve rights in the USA any more than gypsies and homosexuals did in the Veimar Republic, eh?  (Yes that’s referring to a WWII quote.)

The “American Exceptionalism” school of thought has many good points, but we must remember that idolatry takes something Good and places it in the role of God.  Next to the nuclear family (check out Jesus and Paul talking positively about celibacy sometime), patriotism is the preferred American idolatry.

But America is not the New Jerusalem.  Before they disarmed and enslaved local native tribes, the Pilgrims haughtily declared their own terms to God, and their spiritual descendants have moved on as if they fully thought that covenants have ever, ever come from man to God, when in all of Scripture they have only come from God to man.

The continued existence of America disproves their theory.

We have slaughtered 50 million children for the emotional and financial convenience of their parents.  Take that, Molech worship!

We’ve broken 99% of our treaties with Native nations.

And America is still the last and best hope for freedom in the world.  We give more money to charity, practically single-handedly support the UN (for whatever that is worth). Entire peoples are free because of us.  I still love and believe in the dream of our constitution and declaration of independence, the ideals there espoused, though I think we have by and large abandoned them.

America is good compared to other nations.  But idolatry is to take something good and make it God.