• In the name of free speech, silence haters! (We get to define hate, but hating the hateful is love.) O.0
  • We will rise above racism by categorizing all people according to their race and establishing quotas and checklists by said categories alone.
  • *pause*
    *Ponders how dedicated atheists are to attacking something while simultaneously claiming it does not exist.*
    *carries on*
  • Remember when the LGBT community outlawed therapy for kids in California who didn’t want to be gay, in the name of self-determination and tolerance?!
  • When my professional environmentalist professor decried contraindications by studies of opposition sponsored sources because . O.0
  • Public schools outlaw the Bible and praise the Koran because of the separation of Church and state.
  • The sheer statistical interpretive failure when Black Lives Matter verbally assaults white people over black victimization…
  • Any Irishman who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with drunkenness should be damned glad Padraig isn’t here to see it!
  • Drunken American observations of St. Patrick’s Day make as much sense as an orgy to celebrate clerical celibacy.
  • I heard a Republican (Jeb) running for representative office talk about his plan to prove to his constituents that they were wrong…
  • Hillary Clinton who headed the victim-blaming attack on Bill’s sex assault victims gave a public speech as a victim’s advocate… recently!
  • Hmmm… Worker’s advocacy seeking to take money from the people who are the source of their income. Will be paid then by…?
  • A woman pastor denounced a fellow clergyman for advocating gay rights, which she asserted was patently un-Biblical.
  • The idea of Westboro Baptist Church members reading 1 John 3-4 gives me the giggles. See… now I’m giggling. So embarrassing.
  • I heard the same atheist calling Christians names endlessly. Then denouncing Christ for being too mean. -.-
  • Christians who had sex before/after/outside of marriage attacking gay marriage advocates for their sexual immorality…
  • Gay activists frothing at the mouth spewing profanity to decry Christians for being hateful.
  • The idea of conservative Christians reading Philemon/Matthew 18 gives me the giggles.
    It’s either that or weep.
    Never seen ’em reconcile.