Those of you who know me can recite in their sleep that I consider myself a medieval Lutheran.  To a large degree this has to do with the fact that I don’t fear weapons, I think every man and woman should own and train with a sword (and/or firearm), and that the most crucial purpose for literacy is to read your Bible (in Greek and Hebrew if you can).  War, poverty, injustice, crime are inevitable consequences of a world populated by evil people, and I’m not going to rob anyone else of freedom or dignity in a farcical attempt to attain utopia in a fallen world that is rotting away.

If you don’t know me, then you probably hear “medieval Lutheran” and think things like religious wars (defensively fought by Lutherans, btw), the inquisition (way better than secular courts at the time fyi), and bad hygiene (also untrue).

One of the many misunderstandings about medieval life is that medieval folks had no hang-ups with living enthusiastically.  So I’m going to post two videos, one of Boston College’s presentation of the 15th c. Christmas hymn “Nova, Nova, Ave Fit Ex Eva”.  It’s what you expect from a medieval Christmas song: Heavy, languid, and though slightly pretty it is relatively dour.

The next video is presented by actual medievalists.  Now, mind you, this hymn is “News!  News!”  The lyrics convey excitement, and the medievalist presents the news as something stimulating, and the Boston College singers give their turgid rendition.