Well, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks!

Here are some updates for those who want to know.

I’ve had a meeting with a Christian multimedia start-up who are interested in putting my books out on Audible.  We have set a recording date for my swashbuckling urban fantasy story Pushing Back, and we hope to have it out for sale by Christmas 2017.

The meeting came on relatively short notice, but my friends and co-workers at the local C-store juggled their schedules and really came through for me to let me hustle out to Bemidji to attend the meeting anyway!  That was a great blessing!

This week marked the very first lesson in Fisher, MN for Northwind Martial Arts’ Haidong Gumdo program.  There has been some interest in town, and I look forward to training with as many people as want to attend!

And as proof of why I find the life I live worthwhile in its way, I was still in Bemidji at 2 am rambling away through the bible as one of my friends and sword students threw life questions my way.  It was a ton of fun and we may put it up on Youtube sometime soon.

That’s about it from this warrior-monk!