I hate being proved wrong.

I, like any other sinful, selfish human being, really hate being proven wrong.  It is one of the reasons why I read and research as much as I do.  (Additionally Jesus created an incredibly intricate and fascinating cosmos which bears lifetimes’ worth of study even though it isn’t worth comparing to what is coming next.)

I have frequently found myself in opposition to the conservative narrative on the topic of homosexuality and culture.  This is ironic since the totalitarian left demands lockstep obedience in thought, politics, dress, speech, and media by… well… everyone but particularly anyone with homosexual inclinations.  Needless to say, they don’t appreciate me much either.

When gay marriage passed in Minnesota, I ended up shocking a lady at church fellowship.

Church Lady: Isn’t [gay marriage] tragic?

Me: Well, since homosexuality only affects 1.5-2.5% of the population, and most of them don’t want to get married anyway, I don’t think it’s such a big deal.

Church Lady: You don’t understand the harm that it’s going to do to The Family!

Me: I think think that divorce is one of the longest-lasting harms you can inflict on a family or on kids, and that is something that is going to happen to 50-60% of the population instead of the 1.5-2.5% of the population, so that seems like a bigger issue to focus on.  Besides, we legalized no-fault divorce, sex before marriage, and sex after divorce.  No one was marching in the streets that the no-fault divorce laws were the end of Christianity as we know it.  I’m a bit twitchy about God’s Word and double-standards when we say that our sexual immorality is all right but their sexual immorality is going to destroy life as we know it.  I’m not saying they’re right, but there’s this whole log-splinter order of operations to follow.

Church Lady: You just don’t understand!

(I did not point out that at that time I was an activist and volunteer in the ex-gay movement and I probably understood more about it than she could possibly imagine.)

I mean, honestly, the freedom of religion that means I get to speak in public about Jesus means that people who believe in ways that make Jesus weep get to make those choices too.  (If you think that was a dig at homosexuals in particular I refer you to my previous writing about the very long naughty list called abominations.  You can find it here.)

Neither does that make me an apologist for homosexual activity.  One of my old youth group kids turned slavering anti-Christian zealot once challenged me by asking how I could have compassion for homosexuals while still following Jesus.  There were so many reasons that it turned into an entire YouTube video.

At the same time, I have zero tolerance for genuine homophobia.  Someone’s sexual preference does not opt them out of the commands of God that say things like:

  • Anyone who is angry with his brother is a murderer, and name-calling can make us liable to hell itself. (This applies as much to people who use anti-gay slurs on the right as it does for the language of almost all of the leftist media since Bush’s second term.) -Matthew 5:22
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.  (This means if I come across you doing actual violence to an LGBT person I’m going to love them like myself and defend them like myself, btw.)  -Mark 12:31
  • Instead of judging (meaning condemning as damned and unworthy of time or effort in the culture of the day) we should emulate the patience and kindness God used to lead us to repentance. -Romans 2:1-4
  • Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. -Romans 12:21

I have even less patience for the totalitarian left’s re-definition of phobia from “an irrational fear or hatred” to “anything that disagrees with me”.  It’s both lazy and arrogant in the extreme to make the blanket assertion that no rational disagreement with one’s position is possible, because by inference this defines the self or the political movement as the absolute boundary of all rational thought.  It becomes repugnant to then militarize this hubris to silence debate and levy legal action against others.

Of the eight novels I currently have for sale online every one has at least one major character or first-tier supporting character who is homosexual, not because I operate on a quota system, but because there is so much that goes untold or unnoticed because of the political agendas of the left and right that we omit Gospel, truth, and humanity.  I am currently typing away on an adventure series whose main hero gets in trouble for a homosexual affair in the opening scene of the series.

So for the past eight years a lot of my political interaction has been to try and throw water on the hysterical rabble-rousing rhetoric that tolerance of the homosexual agenda was the death-knell of society.  Sure, there were isolated incidents (some of them actually outside California) of LGBTetc activists committing assault, desecration, and the like.  But hey, I’ve been picketed and protested against by both gay activists and the Westborough Baptist Chipmunks.

But this week I have to eat my words.

I can no longer dismiss and deride the folks here in ‘Merica who believe that the otherly-sexual activists are out to destroy their world.

“Woah, Mr. Monk, watch that hyperbole!  That isn’t helpful rhetoric!”

Well, let’s take a quick look at Ontario Bill 89, which redefines the roles and rights of children and society to be completely focused on the child’s identity and not the parents’ beliefs or abilities.  I read it, and an eye-tearing amount of dry reading it was indeed, but I do my own research not just rely on the wording of others.  It’s now illegal to use physical restraint, physical punishment, or to lock kids in a room etc in Toronto (so basically, parental discipline is relegated to time-outs and nasty words, wonder what that will do for tomorrow’s generation).  But by more than a 60% majority, the elected officials in Toronto have redefined telling a kid with gender dysphoria (a boy who thinks he’s a girl or a girl who thinks she’s a boy) that they are wrong, or doing anything about it, is now child abuse.

The Christian Times sums it up nicely in their article on the piece:

The bill was introduced by Minister of Child and Family Services Michael Coteau, who has previously stated that he considers questioning a teenagers’ self-identification as LGBTQI or telling them to change as abuse.

“I would consider that a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently,” Coteau said.

“If it’s abuse, and if it’s within the definition, a child can be removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops,” he continued.

That’s right, folks.  It isn’t just Christianity being labeled as child abuse.  There is also an explicit change in enforcement philosophy in the wording of the bill.  Before now child services were to do the least disruptive work they could.  That means preserving families and living situations whenever possible.  This bill calls for a change to “early intervention” and “community support”.  So they aren’t going to just sit back and wait for a complaint, then do the least intrusive thing about it.  Our socialist pals want to be proactive about this.  Parents will no longer have the right to raise their children to believe in Christianity, they will raise Progressives or the state will take them and give them to someone who will raise them as Progressives for you.  Let me break this down for you: One of the advantages of progressives wanting only the government to own guns is that you can’t do anything about it when they come to take your kids away because you told them something other than The Party Line.

By the way: There is one, and only one consideration that existed in the previous Ontario law that this replaces that is quietly stripped from Bill 89.  ARPA Canada reports:

Bill 89 changes the matters to be considered in determining the best interests of children.  The “religious faith, if any, in which the child is being raised” is removed as a matter to be considered. It is currently an important, stand-alone item. The above list of factors, which includes “creed” alongside “gender identity”, takes its place under Bill 89. Accordingly, Bill 89 also removes the requirement that a court determine, as soon as possible, the religious faith in which the child is being raised in the course of a child protection hearing.

I spent a good ten years poo-pooing what I thought of as Christian hysteria on the right.  But I was wrong.  Progressives literally want to use the force of arms (in their world only the government has the guns, remember?) to make your children believe what they dictate, or they will take your kids.

So… yeah.  I was wrong.  Progressives don’t want the freedom to live their lives the way they want.  They want to take that same freedom from you.  At gunpoint if you refuse to capitulate.  No, that isn’t hyperbole, because guess who shows up if you refuse to let the nice government take your confused child away to be raised in a leftist-dictated manner?  Hint: They have badges, and guns.

And they call us Nazis.  (Because the indoctrination plants of colleges provide such a poor quality of education that they don’t even know that’s an acronym for the National Socialist Workers Party from Germany way back when.)

There are so many losers in this setup that it isn’t even funny.

The most immediate losers are the children, because political activism and the storm of emotion has blinded people to some of the really important person-oriented facts of transgender issues, and hey, I have volunteered with an organization that works with trans folks along with homosexuals and minor attracted adults. (We pretty much count on these nice friendly progressives imprisoning or executing us for this when they get the power to do so, but I still eat lunch with my future executioners when I have the chance and am in the cities.  Should they ever gain the power they seek I won’t have any more chances to do so without bars in between us.)

Children are the biggest victims because adults in power are making law and medical prescriptions to lock them permanently into a transitory stage.  The American College of Pediatricians pointed out just this May that gender ideology harms children because nearly all children grow out of it.  Their stats: 98% of boys and 88% of girls with gender dysphoria come to find peace with their birth gender once they get done with puberty.  So the race to give pre-pubescent children gender-bending drugs and surgeries is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  (Isn’t it interesting that this is the same description applies to suicide just as well?)  Almost every single transgender kid is going to be fond of and comfortable with their sexuality once those sexual feelings start kicking in.  But that doesn’t fit into progressive’s narrative, so we aren’t allowed to let the judgment of the medical professionals sway us.  Never mind the long-term side effects on bone and muscle development and sterility.  Never mind the intense upswing in suicidal tendencies in recent victims recipients of gender reassignment surgery when they discover the holy grail that liberalism held out to them doesn’t bring the lasting happiness that was promised.

Rates of suicide are nearly twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBTQ – affirming countries. -American College of Pediatricians

Never mind that all of these things are damaging enough to adults, we will make sure to isolate children, who do not possess the mental development to correctly weight the consequences of decisions (hence the whole age-of-consent law in the first place) from any voice other than the voice that tells them to rearrange their bodies and lives based on feelings that may not last a year, much less a lifetime.

Sure, there are the typical victims that progressives love to ignore: Christians.  When the British High Court ruled that Christians could not be foster parents because they might have gay foster kids who could feel offended by the Christian beliefs, while remaining completely silent on the Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Asatru beliefs about homosexuality, progressives remained silent about the isolation of a single religion to be stripped of rights.  They only care about the rights of other religions, remember?  When Christian pastors have been jailed in England, Scotland, and Canada for preaching from the Bible about homosexual activity as as sin to be repented of, the progressives were silent.  Never mind the Muslim imams preaching that the most loving thing to do for a homosexual was to kill them.  When a Christian refused to make a gay wedding cake, they were hounded out of business.  When multiple Muslim bakeries refused to make a gay wedding cake in Michigan… no progressive gave a damn.

The thing is, that the Body of Christ isn’t destined to rule this perishing world.  The whole world benefited when Christians turned out to be the only culture in world history to end slavery, when we brought scientific and medical prosperity to every continent on the globe beyond anything the world had ever known, etc.  But ultimately our victory lies Someplace Else entirely.  Even if it looks like most fall away, that is just stripping the church visible from the true believers.  Every other socialist regime in the world has set its hand against Christ, and as they have crumbled or been forced to redefine themselves, Christ is there on the other side.

But I think in the long run, the largest victim group here is going to be the progressive community.  I’m an amateur historian.  I have been reading history books since before kindergarten.  I have always been fascinated by history, and I think a lot of truth about human nature.  Many of the truths are unpopular, like the fact that the Amerind peoples lost the country because a population 10x bigger with 3,000 years’ superiority in military technology wanted it.  (But because they were Christians there still are Amerind tribes unlike the people in every other population migration in the history of the world.  Go to North Africa and find a Vandal for me sometime, but you can’t because the Muslims killed them all, just as the Vandals killed most of the tribes in coastal Africa to take their land in the migration before.)

Here is one of those ugly truths of history: Populations do not tolerate threats to their children very well.  In ancient Rome a military governor named Lupicinus, in the seat of military and political power, told a starving and penniless group of refugees he would sell them dog meat at the price of one of their children sold into Roman slavery (Roman slavery for children was sexually abusive in the extreme) for every dog given to the refugees for meat.  You know this group of refugees as the Goths, and after they tore Lupicinus apart they tore half the Roman Empire apart before they were done.

The fact is that I, like many of my fellow independents and former Republicans, had pretty much adopted a live-and-let-live approach to alternative sexualities.  But the self-proclaimed party of science needs to understand that if they enact policies that make families believe that they cannot live and let live, then the era of peaceful cooperation that has allowed North America to be the beacon of prosperity and relative peace that it has been compared to the rest of the world will come crashing down, and I don’t like that prospect.  I want to live at peace with my fellow man, so long as it is possible.  I want a world of freedom where those who disagree attempt to persuade each other rather than force one another to submit.

History has been clear: For a time, between ten and a hundred years on average, centralized regimes seem to prosper.  Socialist programs tend to last about 10 before the implode like the Venezualan economy or the Cuban population migrations.  But the more forceful a hand the people in power use against those they rule, the more forceful the backlash tends to be when the pendulum swings back.  That isn’t just an attack on leftists, either.  The backlash against Prohibition built up the momentum that stripped the Bible out of the public education system in the 1950’s.  The backlash against McCarthyism led to American universities run almost completely by communists for two generations now.  But those backlashes were just against adult activities.  This grab for ownership of the minds of a nation’s children… by force…  could lead to the sort of backlash to make historians weep for ages.

I really, really don’t want to see America when the pendulum swings back if this legislation gets enacted in any real way.

And to everyone I’ve told to calm down and not get hysterical that the LGBT lobby was going to destroy their way of life… I was wrong.  That’s exactly what they want to do.  I’m sorry.