Cosmopolitan Magazine recently published an article that talked about how positive-feeling and wrongly-illegal incest was for an adult couple of siblings in love. (They did mention that it’s a felony sex offense punishable by life in prison by their state, so Cosmo bravely helped hide the sex offenders’ identities while advocating their cause.)

So, my liberal friends, is this too far? How much anti-Christian progress does your Progressive agenda require?

I am old enough to remember four whole years ago when the fight over gay marriage laws was going on, and the Christian right was shouting that incest and polygamy were going to be the next step.

The reaction from the left was, “Shut up, fearmongers! It’s ridiculous to say that!” meaning… we’ll take at least a year off, first.

This is biologically dangerous and has been immoral in most every culture for about 3,000 years.